Histoire Naturelle des Poissons.

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Paris, Plassan, an VI-VIII (1798-1800). 2 volumes (of 5). 4to (252 x 195mm). With 45 engraved plates and 1 engraved vignette. Contemporary calf, spines with 6 raised bands, richly floral gilt ornaments and 2 gilt lettered labels.

First edition. The complete ichthyology section of Buffon's famous 'Histoire Naturelle' has 5 volumes (with 116 plates) of which we offer the first 2. The present section is rare as it was published after Buffon's death, in a smaller edition, and is very often lacking in the complete set. The drawings of Buffon's 'Histoire Naturelle' published in 44 volumes from 1749 to 1804 were made by J. de Sève, while the engraving was done by a host of skilled craftsmen. Lacepède (1756-1825) was the successor to Buffon. "... at the age of 21 he went to Paris and soon formed a friendship with Georges Buffon... Buffon enlisted Lacepède's aid in his grand project to summarize all natural history, and , when he died in 1788, Lacepède, together with L.J.M. Daubenton, had been Buffon's choice to succeed him... Lacepède published many important works on vertebrates, especially on fishes and cetaceans"(Adler p. 14).

Nissen ZBI, 2348 (quoting erroneously 161 plates).